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June 6, 2023

Love Live a Vibrant Life

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Love: Exhilarating, Exciting, and Unforgettable — Live a Vibrant Life

Love is in the air. June marks the start of summer, and couples express their romantic emotions in countless ways as the season approaches. The expression “crazy, stupid love” may not be entirely accurate. Yet love is exhilarating, exciting, and unforgettable.

And you always remember your first love, no matter your age, when you experience it.

Love Is Exhilarating

You may be in love when you never get tired and have boundless energy. Feeling energetic and capable of anything is a characteristic of people in love. Even if you experience setbacks, get stuck in traffic, your boss is disappointed in your performance, or the waitperson brings you the wrong order – nothing fazes you. It’s as though you’re impervious to minor annoyances. Sure, they exist, but they don’t bother you.

How could they when you’re in the throes of exhilarating love?

Love Is Exciting

Similarly, the excitement you feel when you’re in love is electrifying. Everyone around you can see it and feel it.

  • Some may be envious.
  • Others smile in recognition and remembrance of how they felt when they first felt love.
  • Even those who’ve loved and lost cannot help but be affected by seeing your excitement.

Love is written all over your face and is visible in your actions.

Love Is Unforgettable

Think back to the first time you felt the butterflies when you saw, heard, or were with the one you love. You recall every detail, no matter how trivial. You can also describe each gesture, repeat verbatim what was said, and recount in-depth scenarios of what the two of you did together.

Love: Perfect Way to Live a Vibrant Life

One final thought on love is that it is the perfect ingredient to live a vibrant life. Love is so powerful that you instantly recognize it when you see it. Once you’ve been in love, you yearn for that feeling again when it’s gone. Some say you never fall out of love. It’s still there, waiting for a time to nurture and flourish again.


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