About Suzanne Kane

I’ve always loved writing. Almost from the time that I began to talk, I was crafting stories. First, I created dialogue and action between my dolls and toys, entertaining my parents and childhood friends. Later, I put together craft projects with words and pictures I drew, colored, or painted. Some of these I gave away as gifts, while most I just kept for myself.

As my library and story repertoire grew, so did my passion for the written word, the spoken story, the visual representation of emotion, connection, the enthusiastic pursuit of discovery, and the realization of dreams. I felt joy when others found inspiration in my work and that encouraged me to follow my passion.

In my corporate life, I enjoyed a successful career as a communicator and public relations professional. For me, writing was always center stage, whether it was a press release, executive biography, speech, presentation, newsletter, company publication, or monthly employee video.

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in journalism, English, and psychology and a Master of Arts in public relations and advertising with radio, TV, and film sequence, I went back to school to earn a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting at UCLA Film School. I’ve written 17 screenplays and won the Sloan Fellowship and Diane Thomas Award in Screenwriting, along with other writing awards during my business career.

I’m also a writer who regularly contributes articles to various websites on topics as diverse as cars, mental health and personal well-being, travel, career, family and interpersonal issues, and more.

Today, I write to help you find the answers you seek, to inspire you, and give you hope. Through my motivational blog and feature articles, I encourage you to face your truth, find and nurture your strengths and start engaging in positive thinking to make positive changes in your life.

What I’ve found through years of writing is that experience is both a great teacher and a terrific motivator. Whatever you wish to do with your life, if you pay attention to your true emotions and underlying wants and needs, you can find the positive and uplifting messages within that you need to make changes in your life.

While my blog and feature articles are unabashedly positive, I hope you also find them an entertaining read. My intent is that you’ll find answers to some of the questions you have about yourself and your life and areas of interest you’d like to explore. Become engaged. Feel stimulated and encouraged to take action – even if the challenge you face is a difficult one.

We’ve all been there. Everyone has had to endure a rough time now and then. But there is no life obstacle you cannot overcome. You just need to figure out your way through it, around it, or over it. When you can find help, an understanding friend, and someone who can help you navigate life’s challenges and triumphs, it makes the journey to living a vibrant, purposeful life much more enjoyable.

Let me be here for you to help you find your own success in the world.

Contact me to ask a question about any of my posts, to suggest additional topics, or inquire about my writing, editing, and consulting services.  I love to hear from readers.