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“I define joy as a sustained sense of well-being and internal peace – a connection to what matters.” – Oprah Winfrey


Are you looking to find meaning and joy in your life but find daily distractions get in the way? The key isn’t so much striving for what you don’t have but focusing on what you do and what really matters.

Consider that life is never static; it’s constantly on the move. Whether you learn and grow from experiences or stagnate and continue to make the same mistakes is entirely up to you. Somewhere in the process is a vital step: connecting to what matters. If you can identify who and what matters to you the most and recognize these individuals and events when you encounter them, you’ll be better able to live your life, understanding that they are instrumental to your overall well-being and internal peace.

What happens when you’re late for work, the kids are squabbling, and you just dropped and broke a dish scrambling to get a meal on the table, you’re worn out and want to go to sleep, you’ve had a fight with your loved one or a disagreement with a friend? Where is the well-being and internal peace here? Is it lost for the moment? How can you recapture it and weather the distraction, annoyance, problem, or issue?

Remember that this latest disruption, as with most things, is temporary. You can get through this by concentrating on doing your best now. Remembering what matters and being fully connected to those vital aspects of your life will sustain you through rough times and be stronger for the experience.

First, know what matters. Always keep this foremost in your mind. Refer to it, as necessary. The beauty of connecting to what matters is that this is an ongoing learning experience that builds and sustains well-being and internal peace.

There is no downside to this process. Indeed, life is much richer with connections that matter, whether that’s friends you can rely on and enjoy good and tough times with or a career that motivates and excites you, broadening your horizons through travel, engaging in a relaxing or stimulating hobby, or whatever.

Maximize your joy in life through connection.

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