5 Tips on How to Get Started When There’s Work to Do

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There is work to do today. Do you wake up with dread? None of us like this feeling. But we must learn how to deal with it.  On the other hand, sometimes you’re eager to get started when there’s work to do.

“A feeling of aversion or attachment toward something is your clue that there’s work to be done.” – Ram Dass

Either feeling – aversion or excitement – is a clear sign that there’s work to do, and you need to do it. How you deal with these emotions will affect your motivation to keep going:

  • particularly when the going gets rough
  • but also the resulting outcome.

How can you turn dread or anticipation into action that makes sense, is effective, and allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem?

Tips to Get Started When There’s Work to Do

Here are some tips to help get you started.

Take a minute to process the emotion – and don’t be overcome by it when there’s work to do.

Undoubtedly, the prospect of diving into a mountain of tax receipts on a deadline is the last thing you want to do. Or you might be so eager to get on the road on your vacation that you slip and fall out of bed.

  • Take a minute to process your emotions before you get up.
  • This gives your mind time to arrive at a game plan and organize your thoughts before you need to do the work.
  • Be aware that conflicting emotions can occur simultaneously.
  • That’s OK. Acknowledge them, then proceed.

Learn to separate what’s nice from what’s necessary.

Both will not be true. You might find it pleasant to think about swimming in the ocean, but you know you must go to work. It might feel great to lounge around all day in your sweats, but you’ve got clients to see. You cannot wear sweats and make a good impression.

  • It’s fine to think about what’s nice, but don’t dally.
  • Get on with what’s necessary.
  • Bonus: Dwelling briefly on what beckons gives you temporary satisfaction before diving into the work.

Prioritize tasks and give yourself sufficient time to complete them when there’s work to do.

Either take projects in order or arrange them according to a prioritization that works for you.

  • Do the most difficult one first to make some headway at it.
  • Or start with some quick and easy ones you can get out of the way so that you feel a sense of making progress.
  • Once you finish one, cross it off your list.
  • This is a visual reminder that effort equals accomplishment.

If you’ve fallen behind when there’s work to do, devise a plan that won’t overwhelm you.

Everybody gets swamped at times. Instead of tossing your hands in the air and writing off the project or task as hopeless, figure out a plan or approach that will be effective and won’t overwhelm you.

  • This is where the intention to underpromise and overdeliver will pay off nicely.
  • You’ll gradually become accustomed to the pace you feel comfortable maintaining.
  • And you can better estimate the time and effort specific tasks will take.

Recognize that work – what you do — is the best way to show who and what you are.

Another way to get started with work is to remember that your output is a straightforward way to show others who and what you are.

  • Since no two people approach a project the same way, this shows your uniqueness, talent, decision-making ability, and willingness to continue until the job is done.
  • You want to put forth your best efforts.
  • This requires that you jump in and act.
  • Perseverance, willingness to accept responsibility for your output, and taking pride in your accomplishments are all part of what it takes to get the job done.


This article was originally published on PsychCentral.com.

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