10 Best Easy Solutions to Most of Your Problems

10 Best Easy Solutions to Most of Your Problems

Photo by Alberto Restifo on Unsplash

Some problems are so challenging that it seems impossible to find a workable solution. Let alone one that is easy to do. Often, problem-solving is so anxiety-producing that you give up. That creates problems. What you want are answers. So, here are my best easy solutions to most of your problems.

Is this possible? If so, how do you go about it? While no single approach will work for everyone, there are some general tips on finding your way through the potential solutions to find the one that works best in any given situation.

Divide – So You Can Conquer

Separate what’s necessary from what can wait. If you have too much competition for your attention, you cannot find the motivation to get going on any task or problem.

First, pare down your list. Identify what is necessary to do before anything else. Set aside anything that can wait. This helps reduce the tension and stress that may cloud your judgment and prevent you from finding workable, easy solutions to most of your problems.

Set a Completion Timeline

Determine your timeline for completion. Some tasks, problems, duties, or responsibilities are more pressing. Factor this into which ones you’ll tackle first. Also, allocate sufficient time to gather needed information, line up resources, and get needed assistance. Add some cushion time to avoid a last-minute rush. This is another excellent strategy to reduce pressure to complete tasks or solve problems.

Make the Problem Manageable

Break the problem into manageable parts. Splitting them into smaller chunks is essential for complex, complicated issues that take a lot of effort or time. They need to be ones that you can manage more easily.

Consider that solving any task means going through specific steps. Use a ladder approach. This helps you arrange steps into more accessible ones. It also gives you a feeling of accomplishment when you complete each one. After going through the steps, you’ll find that what once seemed difficult or impossible is not overwhelming.

Use Your Support Network for Easy Solutions

Your support network is a great resource to learn how others successfully tackled similar problems. Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, it’s likely that someone in your support network has come up against something similar and may have suggestions on what you can do. Listen to their solutions and use what works best. If your problem is unfamiliar to the group, they can still provide the support and encouragement you need.

If a Solution Works, Keep It

There’s a reason specific strategies and techniques prove successful. Once you discover one or more that work for you, hang on. You can use it again. This gives you a ready-made list of easy solutions to most of your problems. Even if this solution doesn’t seem to apply, knowing that you have a list of strategies and approaches that worked well before gives you confidence that you can also solve this problem.

Every Mistake Holds a Lesson for Easy Solutions

If you find that the solution you put so much effort into didn’t succeed, it’s easy to be disheartened. But there is value there. It would be best if you discovered it.

  • Ask yourself, did you rush things? If that is the case, the lesson may be to take more time with your approach.
  • Did you forget to consider all the potential ramifications before seizing on the solution you anticipated would work? The lesson here could be to take time to weigh one approach with others.

Remember that every mistake holds a lesson. You can always learn something valuable.

Sleep on it.

A good night’s sleep rejuvenates the body. It also calms emotions and makes problem-solving easier. Write down or think about the problem you must solve. Give your subconscious permission to work on the solution while you sleep.

This technique works beautifully. Writing what you want to accomplish frees you from worry. You can sleep knowing that your powerful mind will sort through problem-solving scenarios. When you wake up, you may have an answer or several potential solutions to pursue.

Take a Break

Another way to find easy solutions to most of your problems is to take a break. Stop thinking about it so hard. Instead, do something you enjoy.

Easy Solutions

  • Go for a walk outside. This will clear your head and boost your mood from the endorphins released during brisk exercise.
  • Watch a movie. Immerse yourself in the story, characters, genre, and theme. This brief hiatus from problem-solving will refresh your mind with ideas.
  • Listen to music.
  • Read a book.
  • Go shopping.
  • Meet a friend for coffee or lunch.

While you enjoy yourself, your stress level reduces, and your mind clears. This may lead to unexpected easy solutions to most of your problems. And it is often when you least expect it.

You Are Unique

While you want to be as successful as possible in solving challenging problems, accept that you are unique. This means avoiding comparisons with others’ success. Avoid being envious of their apparent ease in solving a comparable situation. You have no idea what it took for them to arrive at the solution.

Instead, remember that you are unique. You will find solutions that work. Adapt or adopt what others used successfully. With your creativity and fresh ideas, you will make it your own. 

Celebrate success.

You found the best solution to your problem. Congratulations. Yet there is one more step. Celebrate your accomplishment. What does this do? It reinforces self-confidence that you have what it takes to plow through the details to get the job done. This is especially important to your self-esteem and expanding your mental energy to solve problems. Celebrating success builds hope about the future and what you can accomplish.